Now I Know We Said Things, Did Things, That We Didn’t Mean
And We Fall Back Into The Same Patterns, Same Routine
But Your Temper’s Just As Bad As Mine Is, You’re The Same As Me
When It Comes To Love You’re Just As Blinded

Baby Please Come Back, It Wasn’t You, Baby It Was Me
Maybe Our Relationship Isn’t As Crazy As It Seems
Maybe That’s What Happens When A Tornado Meets A Volcano
All I Know Is I Love You Too Much To Walk Away Though

Come Inside, Pick Up The Bags Off The Sidewalk
Don’t You Hear Sincerity In My Voice When I Talk?
Told You This Is My Fault, Look Me In The Eyeball
Next Time I’m Pissed Ill Aim My Fist At The Drywall

Next Time There Won’t Be No Next Time
I Apologize Even Though I Know Its Lies
I’m Tired Of The Games I Just Want Her Back

I Know I’m A Liar If She Ever Tries To Fuckin’ Leave Again
I’ma Tie Her To The Bed And Set This House On Fire

Postat av: ninja

glad påsk fina!

hoppas snön smälter och du får en härlig påsk!


2012-04-06 @ 09:55:50
URL: http://ingrodd.blogspot.se/

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